andrea mengucci crybreaker pioneer zombies

Zombies in Pioneer

With a Pioneer Players Tour right around the corner, Zombies was one of the most promising decks in his preparation. The Niv-Mizzet Reborn deck made it less of a good choice this weekend, but it might be right for your next event!

Zombies in Pauper

Alex Ullman has a Zombies deck for Pauper featuring card advantage, disruption, and reach, all in the pursuit of your opponent’s braaaains.

Zombies in Amonkhet Standard

Amonkhet is packed with new Zombies, and the new set might just give the archetype the boost it needs to reach tier 1!

The Fringe Decks

Both U/R Colossus and R/B Zombies could have what it takes to unseat the current Big 3 of Standard.

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