Woo Brew

Act of Bees

Travis has bees on the brain and is ready to port Hornet’s Nest to Modern with a little help from a 13-damage (!) sweeper.

Wall Assault

Tired of just blocking with your walls? Thanks to Dragons of Tarkir, now you can go on the offensive—and Travis has a brew ready to do just that!

6 Mountain All-In Red

Roll the dice, flip some cards, and have some fun with Travis Woo’s All-in Red Belcher deck in Modern!

Standard Mono-Blue Aggro

Miss Thassa and Master of Waves? Cloudform can give you the devotion you need to power them up once again!

Budget Ninja Bear

If the cost of Modern is a barrier to entry, Travis has a budget version of Ninja Bear built to compete with the most expensive opposition.

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