Woo Brew

Modern Gifts Shift

Travis Woo brings you a 70-card mashup of Gifts Ungiven/Unburial Rites and Scapeshift combo!

Woodland Bellower Combo

TWoo is hard at work brewing with Origins—for his first offering he’s got a combo brew with Woodland Bellower and Painter’s Servant!

Waste Not Storm Combo

Travis Woo offers his own take on Waste Not—a crazy Modern brew that uses Reforge the Soul to combo off for a storm kill!

Near-Death Experience

Head to the edge and peer over the side—Travis brings you his own take on Near-Death Experience.

Modern Dirty Red

Travis Woo brings you a red concoction meant to keep you competitive in Modern no matter your budget!

Standard Mass Reanimator

You can make some big plays in Standard, but none are as splashy as returning 4 Siege Rhinos to deal lethal with Rally the Ancestors!

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