Woo Brew

Modern Honored Delver

Moving from Standard to Modern, Travis experiments with teaming up Honored Hierarch with the real Delver of Secrets!

The Return of Standard Delver

No, Delver of Secrets hasn’t been reprinted. But the archetype lives on in spirit—check out Travis Woo’s aggro-control RUG brew!

Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

Travis unveils the deck he would have played at PTBFZ—he couldn’t play it in that event, but you can play it in your next one!

Going Infinite In Standard

You don’t get many opportunities to play an infinite combo in Standard—check out Travis Woo’s first crack at the newest one!

Modern Knightfall Combo

Travis Woo breaks down his first build of an exciting new Modern combo deck made possible by Battle for Zendikar!

Bring Scapeshift to Light

The appeal of adding Bring to Light to Modern Scapeshift is clear, but could it make playing more than 60 cards a competitive option?

Modern Gruul Amulet

Travis Woo unveils a version of Amulet that sacrifices some of the consistency of Tolaria West for the power of Through the Breach/Emrakul!

Modern 48 Lands

Travis Woo is at it again with a deck made up almost entirely of lands!

Standard Dragonstorm

Dragonstorm in Standard? An army of Dragons can be yours in this format—but only for a short time.

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