Channel McClain – Modern Abzan

Get ready for #GPDetroit with Josh McClain as he explores whether the rumors of Abzan’s demise at the hands of the Eldrazi may have been exaggerated.

Post-Ban GBx: 5 Options

See the 5 decks that Willy Edel went through on his way to arriving at a radical choice for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch!

Modern Abzan Deck Guide

GBx master Willy Edel breaks down Abzan from top to bottom—his current list, the best card choices, and sideboarding advice!

Last Words on Standard

Maynard’s long run of Standard has come to an end and he shares his findings from over the course of 3 professional-level events!

Hangarback Abzan Update

Andrea Mengucci brings you a quick update to his Abzan Aggro deck and sideboard guide that he used to win the Italian WMCQ!

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