B&R Hits Vintage

The latest artifact was sacrificed to the altar of Mishra’s Workshop, and one of the most dominant win conditions caught the axe.

Saheeli Oath in Vintage

Vintage isn’t known as a playground for new ideas, so when Andrea saw a novel approach to Oath, he leapt at the opportunity to try it!

Paradoxical Mentor

Paradoxical Outcome has changed the landscape of Vintage, but you don’t need storm to abuse it. Andrea’s got a version built around Mentor!

Eternal Weekend Forever

Brian DeMars played a whirlwind tour of events at Eternal Weekend—see the decks he chose for Old School, Vintage, and Legacy!

Gifts Ungiven in Vintage

There’s never been a better time to play Vintage, and Daniel Unwin brings you a control deck that is as challenging as it is fun to play!

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