Paradoxical Mentor

Paradoxical Outcome has changed the landscape of Vintage, but you don’t need storm to abuse it. Andrea’s got a version built around Mentor!

Eternal Weekend Forever

Brian DeMars played a whirlwind tour of events at Eternal Weekend—see the decks he chose for Old School, Vintage, and Legacy!

Gifts Ungiven in Vintage

There’s never been a better time to play Vintage, and Daniel Unwin brings you a control deck that is as challenging as it is fun to play!

UR Prowess

Scratch your brewer’s itch by trying out this fun, budget-friendly UR Prowess deck—that wins.

Esper Mentor in Vintage

Brian DeMars returned to the connoisseur’s Magic format with an aggro-control deck built around one of the strongest creatures in the game!

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