Tournament Preparation

Theros to Born of the Gods

Big Z put up his 3rd consecutive Pro Tour Top 16 at Pro Tour Born of the Gods, and shares the Willy-Edel-backed Jund list that took him there!

TeamCFBP Deck Techs – Storm

Storm was the best performing deck at Pro Tour Born of the Gods, and put up stellar results in the hands of Team Pantheon!

Woo Brews – Zoo Brews

Travis Woo departs for Pro Tour Born of the Gods—a tournament where he expects Wild Nacatl to be out in force, in many different shells.

Pat Cox Talks – White Weenie

Pat Cox broke his GP drought with White Weenie—but couldn’t quite crack the Top 8. He provides his thoughts on the future of the deck!

Team America in DC *Top 16*

Bob Huang took BUG Delver to GP DC and battled his way to 16th place. He shares a full recap of his tournament and thoughts on the deck.

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