Tournament Preparation

3 Decks We Didn’t Play

Team CFB Ice may have ended up on Mardu Vehicles, but they tried plenty of wild brews on the way there. Joel shares some of his favorites.

G/B Aggro Deck Guide

EFro cooked up a killer aggressive G/B deck for #PTKLD with Verdurous Gearhulk and Blossoming Defense, and took it to an 8-2 Swiss record.

Top 8 with BG Delirium

Sam Pardee took TeamF2F’s BG Delirium to battle at PT Eldritch Moon, and walked away with his first Top 8, Platinum, and an invite to Worlds!

Third Time’s the Charm

Despite a level-1 Constructed deck, testing in a haunted house, and a train-wreck of a draft, LSV managed to Top 8 his 3rd PT in a row.

GB Delirium Update

BBD learned a few lessons about his team’s deck the hard way at #PTEMN, and breaks down its shortcomings along with how to fix them!

Black/White Control Deck Guide

Martin helped build the deck that won #PTEMN, but it wasn’t tuned correctly. He brings you a new list with the proper adjustments!

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