Throne of Eldraine

Puzzle: Twice Smitten! (Solution Added)

Back-to-back puzzles with Curry Favor/Smitten Swordmaster? It’s true, but this time it’s a whole different barrel of monkeys with Syr Gwyn and some exciting equipment shenanigans afoot. Can you solve it faster than our quickest competitor did in 10 minutes 10 seconds?

Limited Resources podcast

Insider Testing for Mythic Championship VI

This week on Limited Resources, Marshall and Luis get together in Richmond, Virginia during Mythic Championship VI to talk about Throne of Eldraine testing for the MC, as well as the new Mystery Boosters

MTG Throne of Eldraine Draft guide

Throne of Eldraine Draft Guide

Looking to get ahead in Throne of Eldraine draft? Reid has a high-level breakdown of the format and how to win in the unique format.

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