Throne of Eldraine

Superfriends’ Winter Vacation

One more puzzle to close out the year, might as well make it one with up to SEVEN planeswalkers to make use of. The solution to this one is oh-so-satisfying, too, if you’re one to enjoy some good old fashioned poetic justice. [Solution Added]

Puzzle: Gettin’ Lucky (Difficulty – Mythic)

[Solution Added] It’s been one of those games where you’ve grinded the opponent down to their final life points, but now the board appears to be totally gummed up. Rest assured though, there’s a way to win it if you find luck on your side.

Limited Resources podcast

AMA with Marshall!

This week on Limited Resources Marshall flies solo and answers your questions on an AMA episode! He covers a wide, wide range of topics, and even some Magic stuff in there too. 

Combo Fires Featured Image

Combo Fires | The Arena Boys

The Boys are going deep with Fires of Invention this week to cobble together some combos with Ral, Storm Conduit, Torbran, Repeated Reverberation, and some big burn spells!

Possibility Storm Puzzle Featured Image

Puzzle: Dovin’s Thopter Army

With three beefy fliers, victory appears to be within your grasp. But your opponent’s Dovin just won’t stop making more Thopters. Can you find a way to get through the wall of robot bees and win this turn?

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