Theros: Beyond Death

Limited Resources podcast

How to Draft the Best Color in Theros Beyond Death

This week, Marshall and Luis teach you how to draft the best color in THB Draft, in all of the ways you can do it! On the back of its two premium removal spells, black has proven deep and capable of fitting into many styles of deck, and the guys go in depth on all of them this week on the show.

Reid Duke Shadowspear art Limited Featured Image

Theros Beyond Death Sealed

Go through another Sealed deckbuild and set of matches in the new Limited format with Reid Duke as he navigates a Theros Beyond Death event on Magic Online.

Jersey Lessons and an Unsanctioned Viewing

Jamie is back from MagicFest New Jersey and we can’t wait to hear about her experience. She not only tells about how the tournament went, but she confides in us about a couple of uncomfortable situations that happened while she was playing.

Silvestri Anax Hardened in the Forge Standard Mono Red

There Are 3 Viable Builds of Mono-Red

Standard events are starting in full swing, and Silvestri has Red pegged as the archetype to play, but there are three good options. He breaks down Mono-Red, Medium Red, and Bigger Red.

Blight-Breath Catoblepas Art from Theros Beyond Death

Theros Beyond Death Pauper Set Review

Theros Beyond Death brings a trove of new options at common to Pauper, and Alex Ullman pores over the best of them, with a bunch of new brews thrown in for good measure!

Theros Sealed Prep and a Legacy Lost

Jamie has been crushing Sealed pools all week getting ready for MagicFest New Jersey, and she tells us what she’s learned early about the format. It also seems that Legacy has disappeared from the 2020 schedule, but TJ has a reason why. Then we wrap it all up with pondering our own replacements.

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