Top 8 with BG Delirium

Sam Pardee took TeamF2F’s BG Delirium to battle at PT Eldritch Moon, and walked away with his first Top 8, Platinum, and an invite to Worlds!

Channel McClain – Modern Abzan

Get ready for #GPDetroit with Josh McClain as he explores whether the rumors of Abzan’s demise at the hands of the Eldrazi may have been exaggerated.

Eye Made Top 8

After a 5-year drought, LSV returned to the Sunday stage at PTOGW as a player—with one of the most broken decks in Pro Tour history.

Breaking Eldrazi

Andrea Mengucci breaks down the deck that TeamF2F and TeamCFB used to decimate the Modern field at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch!

Atarka Red Primer

With anti-aggro sideboard cards on the decline, now might be the best time to play red. Josh McClain has a full primer!

How I Prepared for #PTBFZ

Neal Oliver made some mistakes and learned some important lessons in his PT testing—he shares the story of his preparation in Milwaukee.

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