TeamCFB Deck Guide

Affinity Deck Guide

Affinity is a strategy as old as the format itself, and EFro gives you the tools to succeed with it—or take it down.

Esper Warriors Deck Guide

Turns out BW Warriors wasn’t a mere flash in the pan. EFro breaks down the deck that Sam Black took to 7-1 at the Invitational!

Atarka Red Deck Guide

EFro gives you the keys to unlock the power of fire with this week’s primer on the deck that won GP Kobe!

Esper Tokens Deck Guide

Looking for a deck with power and game against the rest of the top tier? EFro gives you everything you need to win with Esper Tokens!

Updating UR Splinter Twin

For Vancouver, Paul needed a version of Twin that was favored against the other combo decks and could compete with Abzan. Take a look!

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