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How to Draft Aggro Decks in Cube

We all know Mengu’s favorite format is Cube, but if you’re a new player, what should you be drafting to keep up? Red Aggro is the archtype for you.

Deep Dive – Sequencing

Want to up your game when playing Magic? Learning sequencing of your plays can put you there. Check out this deep dive by Reid Duke where he breaks down why it’s important and how to successfully learn how to use it.

Standard Gruul Aggro Deck Guide

Gruul Aggro got a great upgrade from Zendikar Rising. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza to see what game-winning cards were added in.

Key Cards Rotating Out of Standard

Zendikar Rising is on it’s way into Standard while the world of Ravnica is on it’s way out. Check out these key cards that will be leaving Standard once rotation happens.

Zendikar Rising: Hot or Not

Martin Juza has a few things to say about some of the new Zendikar Rising Spoilers. Check out what he considers the new new.

Legacy Elves Deep Dive

Reid Duke covers everything you need and want to know about playing Elves in Legacy in this Deep Dive from sweeping to sideboarding.

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