Standard SOMAVR

Luck, Skill, Victory – WMCQ Report

Pro Tour Berlin Champion Luis Scott-Vargas returned triumphant from the World Magic Cup Qualifier held in his one-time hometown of Oakland, CA. He details the process by which he prepared for the tournament, complete with a boatload of details!

Rogue’s Review – Delver: (What’s) On Top

Grand Prix Orlando winner Conley Woods breaks down the Top 8 of the most recent TCGPlayer MaxPoint Diamond event in Indianapolis, IN—and shares his insights into each of the best performing decks!

Carrie On – Burning the Dead

Carrie Oliver takes a look at the current state of Standard. She discusses which cards from Avacyn Restored have made the greatest impact—and which ones are still waiting to find a home.

Pat Cox Talks – Grixis

Fresh from a Top 32 finish at Grand Prix Minneapolis, Pat Cox red between the lines and decided to try a different take on control in Standard: Grixis.

Breaking Through – Running it Back

Conley discusses his preparation for Grand Prix Minneapolis in the wake of Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, alongside his thoughts on the future of Junk Ramp – and Standard overall.

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