Standard KTKOGW

UR Prowess

Scratch your brewer’s itch by trying out this fun, budget-friendly UR Prowess deck—that wins.

Hi, I’m Mardu Guy

Great removal, great creatures, and card advantage! Who would have thought that combination would be good?

Walk Hard

Are you foolhardy, hard-hearted, and hard-headed? If so, Hardened Scales may be just the deck for you.

Control Decks Need Life Gain

Don’t get trapped in a bad situation through a long game—pack life gain and give yourself room to navigate your way out.

Top 8 Sideboard Cards in Standard

Andy Cooperfauss is joined by special guest Matt Sperling and Caleb Durward to break down the 8 best sideboard cards in Standard right now.

Culling the Week: RPTQ

BBD shares his testing over the past week from his build of Atarka Tokens at the PTQ to a new non-Company Bant build that packs a punch!

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