Pantheon Deck Tech: RUG Eldrazi

Days before Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, Jon Finkel settled on a build of a deck he told Owen Turtenwald it would be a mistake not to play.

Do the Temur Evolution

Eldritch Evolution looks like a broken card, but the best home for it in Standard is a straightforward value deck.

Temur Midrange in Modern

Reid has a brew ready for the new wide open Modern format chock-full of counters, Snapcasters, and card draw!

The Return of Standard Delver

No, Delver of Secrets hasn’t been reprinted. But the archetype lives on in spirit—check out Travis Woo’s aggro-control RUG brew!

Going Infinite In Standard

You don’t get many opportunities to play an infinite combo in Standard—check out Travis Woo’s first crack at the newest one!

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