Standard Mono-Blue Aggro

Miss Thassa and Master of Waves? Cloudform can give you the devotion you need to power them up once again!

Manifesting Emrakul

Travis Woo tries to break Fate Reforged’s new mechanic with the biggest and baddest creature of all time.

Tempered Steel

Testing with a new team, Paul Rietzl brought a new take on Affinity to D.C., built to dodge the hate with one very powerful enchantment.

Soulflayer Vengevine

Travis is still working to break Soulflayer, and has a new extra aggressive approach with Vengevine built for speed and power.

Modern BUG

Caleb’s got a new list for Modern that takes the orthodox BUG builds away from Delver and gives it a more midrange look.

Budget Ninja Bear

If the cost of Modern is a barrier to entry, Travis has a budget version of Ninja Bear built to compete with the most expensive opposition.

Woo Brews – 90 Card Living End

“Always play 60 cards.” It’s a hard rule in deckbuilding. Maybe it’s time to question one of the core tenets of Constructed Magic.

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