Rivals League

The Next Magic World Championship

The rosters for the MPL and Rivals League are set and as the 2021-22 Professional Play season gets underway, we get our first look at Worlds.

News Round Up: Week of May 22

Modern Horizons 2 is jam packed with power. From new “free”spells to legends from Magic’s past, it has new cards for almost everyone.

January Esports Update

The January Esports Update gives us the rules governing the MPL and Rivals League, as well as an update to invites to the Players Tour.

Sperling Rivals League Art

Rivals League 2020: What is at Stake?

Wizards unveiled a new pro league to Magic, the Rivals League, which serves as a possible path into the MPL. Matt Sperling has an overview of the meaningful stakes of this new relegation-style league.

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