Rich Cali

Legacy 5c Snoko Deck Guide

Did you say to put all of the powerful cards into one deck? Well okay! Thanks to Arcum’s Astrolabe, you now can with this 5c Snoko Deck!

Eternal Weekend Metagame

Eternal Weekend was on Magic Online for the first time this year due to Covid but that didn’t stop anyone from participating. Check out the metagame from the event here!

Legacy Eldrazi Deck Guide

Eldrazi is still super powerful in Legacy. Rich walks you through an updated list, matchups, and sideboarding!

Legacy Sneak and Show Deck Guide

Like big creatures? Like counterspells? Then this is the deck for you! Check out this deck guide on this Legacy Sneak and Show deck by Rich Cali.

Legacy Oko Miracles Deck Guide

The most pure control deck you can play in Legacy, of course it has Oko! Check out this deck guide by Rich Cali featuring a Bant Miracles deck list by SteFaNoGs.

Legacy Ninjas Deck Guide

Did someone say Ninjas? In Legacy??? Check out this deck guide on the coolest deck in Legacy, thanks to Modern Horizons.

Legacy Dimir Shadow Deck Guide

Rich Cali provides us with a detailed deck guide to help you be the best Legacy player you can be with this Dimir Shadow deck!

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