Rich Cali

Deck Guide: Legacy GW Reclaimer

Some previously unviable Legacy decks are reemerging with the latest bans, with GW Reclaimer combining Maverick and Depths with great success!

Deck Guide: Legacy Esper Mentor

The Legacy metagame has changed drastically over the past few weeks with Oko and Astrolabe banned, with Esper Mentor taking some top spots.

Delver in the New Post-Ban Legacy

Delver lost some of its most powerful tools with the bans, so how should the archetype progress in Legacy now? Rich Cali takes a look.

Deck Guide: Legacy Turbo Valki

Tibalt continues his torment of Legacy, this time in a deck looking to Turbo him out as fast as possible backed up with cheap interaction!

Kaldheim Legacy Set Review

Kaldheim’s poised to make some changes across Magic formats, but what about Legacy? Rich Cali reviews some of the sets bigger names.

Deck Guide: Legacy Esper Vial

Rich Cali breaks down Legacy Esper Vial, using Soulherder, Recruiter of the Guard and Aether Vial to have a silver bullet for any situation!

Deck Guide: Legacy Rainbow Depths

Rich Cali breaks down Legacy Rainbow Depths, a Turbo Depths deck playing three colors so opponents can taste the rainbow… or a Marit Lage!

Legacy Elves Deck Guide

One of the best Tribal decks of Legacy, Elves continues to stay in the top tier of the Metagame. Learn how to play it in this deck guide by Rich Cali!

Legacy Showcase Challenge Review

Check out Rich Cali’s first hand experience of playing RUG Delver in the recent Legacy Showcase Challenge on MTGO and where the future of Delver in Legacy stands.

Legacy 5c Snoko Deck Guide

Did you say to put all of the powerful cards into one deck? Well okay! Thanks to Arcum’s Astrolabe, you now can with this 5c Snoko Deck!

Eternal Weekend Metagame

Eternal Weekend was on Magic Online for the first time this year due to Covid but that didn’t stop anyone from participating. Check out the metagame from the event here!

Legacy Eldrazi Deck Guide

Eldrazi is still super powerful in Legacy. Rich walks you through an updated list, matchups, and sideboarding!

Legacy Sneak and Show Deck Guide

Like big creatures? Like counterspells? Then this is the deck for you! Check out this deck guide on this Legacy Sneak and Show deck by Rich Cali.

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