Red/Green in Magic Origins Draft

Now that players are drafting 2-drops, Magic Origins draft has slowed down. Now it’s all about winning the midgame, and RG does that best.

RG Dragons Deck Guide

Martin Juza breaks down the deck that he and Brad Nelson played at GP London, and that rewarded him with a Top 8 finish!

Act of Bees

Travis has bees on the brain and is ready to port Hornet’s Nest to Modern with a little help from a 13-damage (!) sweeper.

A New Red/Green Midrange

Martin Juza’s been busy tinkering in Standard, and has a great new shell for Outpost Siege built to get the enchantment on board fast!

Color Pairings in Theros Limited

Get ready for GP Sacramento with Jon Chabot’s complete primer on the best color pairs in Theros, and how to optimally draft around each one!

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