Reid Duke

Modern Power Rankings – 7/8/21

With the Modern Horizons 2 meta settling in, Reid Duke takes a look at the best decks in the format in this week’s Modern Power Rankings.

Historic Dimir – Reid Duke

Historic Dimir Control was the deck of choice for Reid and his teammates, preying on a field of Phoenix and Brainstorm decks.

Modern Mill | Reid Duke

Reid Duke’s taking his opponents from 60 to zero with Modern Mill, a formerly casual deck that’s now a major metagame player!

Modern Jund with Reid Duke

A new Modern format with Modern Horizons 2 means Reid Duke has to take his pet deck, Modern Jund, through its paces on Magic Online!

Modern Dimir Mill – Deck Guide

Modern Dimir Mill went from being a “meme” deck of the format to a meta all-star with a variety of strong additions from recent sets.

Modern Abzan with Reid Duke

Modern’s changed a lot with Modern Horizons 2, leading to the rise of a new Modern Abzan deck with Grist, Vindicate and Prismatic Ending!

Modern Power Rankings – 6/16/21

Modern Horizons 2 is still shaking up the format, but Reid’s found a few new frontrunners on this week’s edition of Modern Power Rankings!

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