Reid Duke

Deep Dive: Sideboarding

Sideboarding is one of the most diffiult things in Magic, but Reid’s expertise can help guide you through the process in this Deep Dive!

Standard Dimir – Reid Duke VOD

Reid tested all sorts of Dimir variations on his stream, check out the VOD and see which one you think will be a player in Standard!

Modern Oops All Spell Deck Guide

Oops, we did it again! All spells, no creatures, but we’re still winning! Check out this deck guide by Reid Duke on this Modern Oops, All Spells deck!

Deep Dive – Sequencing

Want to up your game when playing Magic? Learning sequencing of your plays can put you there. Check out this deep dive by Reid Duke where he breaks down why it’s important and how to successfully learn how to use it.

Zendikar Rising in Modern

Zendikar Rising has the potential to make an impact on Modern, Reid gives you his picks for what cards are going to make the biggest splash

Key Cards Rotating Out of Standard

Zendikar Rising is on it’s way into Standard while the world of Ravnica is on it’s way out. Check out these key cards that will be leaving Standard once rotation happens.

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