Ikoria Puzzle – Mutate This!

We’re back with another puzzle! This time, the board on both sides has been slowly dominated by Mutate effects, and if you don’t win this turn, it looks like your opponent might run away with victory soon. But they’re at 16 life, you can’t possibly hit them for that much this turn… can you?

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Puzzle: Win Before You LOSE!

We’re doing things a little different this week. We start the puzzle on our opponent’s turn, and we’re under attack! Not only that, but they’re packing three Underworld Dreams that’ll finish us off the next time we draw a card.

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Puzzle: Big Pig

Heeee’s a big pig! You can be a big pig too. Are Lion King references too old? Regardless, in this week’s puzzle you’ve got Pumbaa on your side and several ways to generate a lot of damage triggers. See if you can piece it all together to win this turn!

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Puzzle: Finding Fblthp

Help – Fblthp stumbled his was into this week’s puzzle! Poor little guy looks so lost. Come help him find his way home, and see if you can solve this week’s Possibility Storm “Rare”-difficulty puzzle while you’re at it. (Featuring an [almost] infinite combo.)

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Puzzle: Dream Trawlin’

Tired of losing to Dream Trawler? Hexproof and big swings got you down? This week’s puzzle is here to help. Get behind your own flying untouchable damage machine and figure out how to deal lethal damage to your opponent this turn. (Oh, and bring your abacus.)

Puzzle: Send in the Clones

This week’s puzzle is the first “Mythic” difficulty challenge of the THB season, and this one is full to the brim with tricky moves you’ll need to use to win. Only about a dozen people solved it so far. Can you make it 13?

Possibility Storm Theros Beyond Death Puzzle Number 2

Puzzle: Deputy of Buzzkillery

Just when you were ready to have fun with Nyxbloom Ancient and some big mana effects, your buzzkill opponent detained it with their Deputy of Detention.

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A First Look at Puzzling with Theros Beyond Death

Antsy to start experimenting with new cards from Theros Beyond Death? Here’s a sample including Woe Strider (the new Viscera Seer) and Heliod, Sun-Crowned, which seems well positioned to accomplish many silly things over the coming months. Enjoy!

Superfriends’ Winter Vacation

One more puzzle to close out the year, might as well make it one with up to SEVEN planeswalkers to make use of. The solution to this one is oh-so-satisfying, too, if you’re one to enjoy some good old fashioned poetic justice. [Solution Added]

Puzzle: Gettin’ Lucky (Difficulty – Mythic)

[Solution Added] It’s been one of those games where you’ve grinded the opponent down to their final life points, but now the board appears to be totally gummed up. Rest assured though, there’s a way to win it if you find luck on your side.

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Puzzle: Dovin’s Thopter Army

With three beefy fliers, victory appears to be within your grasp. But your opponent’s Dovin just won’t stop making more Thopters. Can you find a way to get through the wall of robot bees and win this turn?

Puzzle: Twice Smitten! (Solution Added)

Back-to-back puzzles with Curry Favor/Smitten Swordmaster? It’s true, but this time it’s a whole different barrel of monkeys with Syr Gwyn and some exciting equipment shenanigans afoot. Can you solve it faster than our quickest competitor did in 10 minutes 10 seconds?

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