Pro Tour Magic Origins

Rally the Ancestors

Zvi took Abzan Rally to the PT and died to a flurry of burn spells. Now that green decks are back on top, Rally is positioned perfectly.

A Tale of Two PTs

Eric Froehlich attained the most prestigious honor in Magic—and finished 2nd in a close PotY race the next day.

Sultai Control

Control didn’t exactly dominate the Pro Tour, but if the metagame changes you’ll be ready with a BUG deck Team TOGIT built for #PTORIGINS!

Top 8 with Mono-Red

Pat Cox took Mono-Red all the way to the Top 8 of PT Magic Origins! He breaks down the deck he played and his journey to the quarterfinals.

Draft White

Zvi’s strategy at the PT was to draft white first, earning him a 6-0 finish. He makes the argument for a white-centered approach to Origins.

Mono-Red Deck Guide

Frank brings you an exhaustive guide to the deck that won the Pro Tour (and that he himself played in Vancouver)!

Abzan Origins

The best deck in the format stands to get even better with Magic Origins, and Andrea shows you the list he’d use for the Pro Tour!

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