Modern Abzan Deck Guide

GBx master Willy Edel breaks down Abzan from top to bottom—his current list, the best card choices, and sideboarding advice!

Atarka Red Primer

With anti-aggro sideboard cards on the decline, now might be the best time to play red. Josh McClain has a full primer!

Esper Tokens Deck Guide

Looking for a deck with power and game against the rest of the top tier? EFro gives you everything you need to win with Esper Tokens!

Modern Merfolk Primer

Caleb breaks down the deck that was reinvigorated by Magic Origins and that Paul Rietzl took to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Oklahoma City!

Naya Zoo

PT Champion Paul Rietzl brings you a primer and sideboard guide for the version of Zoo with Collected Company he took to 13-2 in Charlotte!

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