Top 5 Cantrips – Riley Ranks

Riley’s counting down the top 5 cantrips, which in his definition, count as one-mana cards that replace themselves, so feel free to disagree.

Ponder Podcast – Episode 127 – Is Ramp the Problem?

Zendikar Rising has been out for a week and your hosts are already having problems. TJ explains why a ramp card might get banned before it’s even legal to play. Jamie shares her frustration with Arena’s release, and the whole gang ponders more shoes for the Gatewatch.

Ponder Episode 124 – Party on Zendikar

It’s preview time, and the party is coming to us! We look at the party mechanic and the new spin on modal cards, check in on the Hall of Fame update announcement, and ponder who we’d want to see in and why.

Ponder Episode 121 – The Art of Smelling Booster Packs

We all love the smell of fresh cards straight out of a booster pack, but did you know that each pack has its own unique aroma? We act as your set sommeliers this episode, weaving a sensory story with our descriptions. We also ponder what to do when our relationship with Magic starts to get unhealthy.  

Ponder Episode 120 – A Ban Too Late?

There’s only a few weeks left until Standard rotation, but this week’s Banned and Restricted announcement has finally axed the cards that people have been unhappy about for a long time. Will the fun return? Is it too late?

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