Monday Meta #31 – Zendikar Championship Talk

This week Martin and Mashi discuss Martin’s preparation for this weekend’s Zendikar Championship. Find out Martin’s take on Standard and Historic and how to best prepare for big tournaments!

Session Blood EP21

In this week’s episode, Session Blood talks about things in FAB they’re thankful for and some of the best Crucible of War cards.

Session Blood EP20

In this week’s episode, Session Blood talks about the the recent BlitzCon event in New Zealand and the 52-card metagame as a whole.

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MagicFM #56 – To Infinity and Beyond

This week, Gaby and Mashi cover the unique situation that two MOCS competitors found themselves in last week, while also examining just how expensive Arena has gotten.

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MagicFM #55 – Magical Mailbag

Gaby and Mashi go to the mailbag this week, answering questions that range from what their unluckiest break was to their favorite Magic art, and much more.

Session Blood EP19

Hayden Dale joins the pod to talk about his favorite class, Runeblade! Builds, techs, theories, and more in this one.

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