Scry Me a River Episode 52: One Year Anniversary Show

This week, Denis and Riley go through listener-submitted voice clips with advice updates and messages, and generally pat themselves on the back more than anyone could consider appropriate. Thank you to everyone who has come along for the SMaR ride so far – may there be many more years to come!

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MagicFM #52 – A Year of MagicFM!

Gaby and Mashi celebrate their 52nd episode by doing a giveaway, talking about when we might return to paper Magic, and discussing the WotC rules that led to a high-profile retirement this week.

Scry Me a River Episode 50 – Not Even a Scrap of Magic Content

This week, Denis and Riley celebrate the 50th episode of Scry Me a River by offering you an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into how the SMaR sausage is made, talking about the creation and editing process, and airing some dirty laundry about each other as they do so – Denis also finally shares the highly controversial Tubs & Tiles story!

Monday Meta

Monday Meta #23 – Omnath and the Clash

The first week of the new Standard brought the CFB Clash and Mashi and Martin dive into the Omnath dominated Top 8. Can newcomers Dimir Rogues and Mono Red really stand up to the Elemental Menace? Tune in and find out.

Scry Me a River Episode 49 – Nap Strats with Stranjak

This week, Denis and Riley advise on how to purchase a gift for someone who doesn’t know they need it, discuss the politics of Mono-Red in the casual play queue, chat about weird Magic terminology, and unbelievably, get across ANOTHER situation where someone is stealing cards from Walmart.

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