Pick Order

A Pick Order List for Core Set 2021

It’s time again for Frank Karsten’s Pick Order List! Join him as he walks through the archetypes of M21 and decides which cards should be your pack 1, pick 1’s.

Frank Karsten Nadir Theros Beyond Death Banner

The Early Pick Order for Theros Beyond Death

Get a jump on the competition in your Draft pods with Frank Karsten’s early pick order for Theros Beyond Death Limited. He rates every card for a pack 1, pick 1 decision from the best in the set to the bottom of the barrel.

Drafting Like a Computer: Part 1

MTG Arena Draft would be better if we could use deep learning to have the bots mimic human tendencies and behaviors, and today Eric explains how to make that happen.

Meming for Victory

Rivals really turned the Draft format around, and nowhere is that more clear than with this Sailor of Means based control deck.

A Pick Order List for Ixalan

Frank takes a new tack with Ixalan’s pick order list: an aggregate of LSV’s review, LR’s community review, and Draftoholics Anonymous!

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