Deep Dive – Mulligans, Part I

Nobody likes to mulligan, but we all have to do it. Luckily, Reid Duke is here with an in-depth look at mulliganing in this two part series!

Magic Math – Mulligans

Weighing one hand’s chances to win against an unknown 6 can make for some tricky math. Luckily, we have just the man to run the numbers.

The New Mulligan Rule

Hélène Bergeot announced a significant change to the way the Paris mulligan will work in Magic. Will it make the game more fun?

Keep or Mulligan?

This week’s Keep or Mulligan features hands from Esper Dragons, Sidisi Whip, Modern Splinter Twin, Legacy Show and Tell, and DDF Limited!

4 Mulligan Traps

PV shares the 4 most common traps players fall into when making their mulligan decisions—and that you should avoid at all costs.

Keep or Mulligan?

Keep or mull? Make your choice and see if it lines up with a Hall-of-Famer’s decision! This week: Esper, RG Devotion, and DTK Limited!

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