How to Assert Yourself in Pauper

Alex Ullman has identified the assertive issues in the Pauper format. Learn about some of the best ways to combat current pauper powerhouses.

What Needs to Change in MTG?

Is it time to bring the Hall of Fame back? Are there too many Magic sets? Martin tackles all kinds of issues to change in MTG!

Pioneer Izzet Phoenix Deep Dive

Izzet Phoenix can be a difficult deck to pilot in the Pioneer Format. Martin Juza will share his experience so you can safely take the wheel.

Pauper’s Identity Crisis

Pauper is closing in on having an identity crisis. Alex Ullman breaks down the potential concerns facing the format and what they mean.

Brawl Is the Best Format In MTG Arena

60-card Brawl is the best way to play Magic: The Gathering on Arena. Drew Knapp highlights the best format to get value for your time (and wildcards!).

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