mtg puzzle

Puzzle: Many Close Paths [Difficulty: Uncommon]

We’re back with another puzzle! This week you’re presented with a pretty strange board state, and are up against a big challenge of dealing a huge 16 damage this turn. There are a ton of different ways to try, but only one that works. Can you find it?

Oko Everywhere

Puzzle: Before the Stroke of Midnight

You’ve got some of the cast of Cinderella up against a series of blockers, and like everything these days, Oko is involved. Can you solve the puzzle before Cinderella’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin?

Puzzle: Not-So-Simply Sublime

In Possibility Storm’s first “Mythic” puzzle of the season, you’ve got a host of artifacts, but no way to deal enough damage – but you do have Saheeli

Puzzle: Swingy Life Totals

This week’s puzzle features FIVE unique ways for players to gain life, and you need to deal 26. Can you take them down to zero before the turn is up?

Puzzle: Can Versus Can’t

How many cards that modify the game’s rules are too many? What are rules for, if not to be broken? It’s another wacky puzzle from Possibility Storm.

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