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Matt Sperling: Magic’s Premier Contrarian and Humorist

Matt Sperling is a content creator, member of the Rivals league and 2019 Mythic Championship finalist. His YouTube channel is called “Magic: The Gathering for Advanced Players.” In this conversation, we get into Matt’s background, his position as Magic’s most well-known contrarian, and using humor to get to the heart of discourse.

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Andrea Mengucci: A Magical Life

James sits down with TeamCFB’s own Andrea Mengucci to discuss his lifelong passion for card games, his rise to the MPL, and of course, the origin of #MengucciCuisine.

Pleasant Kenobi Humans of Magic podcast

Pleasant Kenobi: Raw and Unleashed

James sits down with full-time Magic content creator Pleasant Kenobi to discuss his transition from teaching to MTG, his creative process and some of his best stories!

Modern Horizons Primer

This week on Limited Resources, Marshall welcomes Ryan Spain back on the show to sub in for the ailing LSV for the Modern Horizons Primer!

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