Modern OGW

Post-Ban GBx: 5 Options

See the 5 decks that Willy Edel went through on his way to arriving at a radical choice for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch!

Just Play Jund

In the absence of one format mainstay, the smartest choice is just to opt for the remaining most consistent performer.

Grishoalbrand Matchup Guide

Bob Huang gives you the keys to Grishoalbrand’s most challenging games—the ones that occur after sideboarding.

All Aboard the Eldrazi Train

Haven’t hopped on the Eldrazi hype train yet? DeMars showcases his version of Mono-Black Eldrazi with cards from OGW to get you aboard!

Surprise Banning

Brian DeMars discusses the banning that caught everyone by surprise—and how Wizards can soften the blow next time.

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