Modern DTK

Big Deck Arc-Slogger Brew Off

Is it always right to play 60 cards? Prove you can brew like Woo and show us when it might not be—and you could win $25 store credit!

Waste Not Storm Combo

Travis Woo offers his own take on Waste Not—a crazy Modern brew that uses Reforge the Soul to combo off for a storm kill!

Magic Origins First Take

Caleb brings you some early brews with some of the coolest cards from the new set: Relic Seeker, Tainted Remedy, and Day’s Undoing!

Keep or Mulligan?

PV’s flying solo in this week’s edition of Keep or Mulligan as he breaks down the fundamental first decision of any game of Magic!

Snake Tribe Brew Off

Think you can brew like Woo? Show your allegiance to the Snake tribe and prove it for your chance at $25 store credit!

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