Modern Deck Guide

Bant Zoo Primer

Reid Duke breaks down the 4-color Zoo deck he played to an 11-4 finish at Grand Prix Oklahoma City, complete with sideboarding guide!

Modern Merfolk Primer

Caleb breaks down the deck that was reinvigorated by Magic Origins and that Paul Rietzl took to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Oklahoma City!

Grixis Delver Primer

Caleb brings you the definitive guide to Grixis Delver just in time for the ChannelFireball World Magic Cup Qualifier in Santa Clara, CA!

Naya Zoo

PT Champion Paul Rietzl brings you a primer and sideboard guide for the version of Zoo with Collected Company he took to 13-2 in Charlotte!

Grixis Control in Modern

Get the full primer on Modern’s newest tier 1 deck, a Grixis Control deck designed by Dave Shiels, just in time for GP Charlotte!

Modern Tooth and Nail

Alex West brewed up a few spicy ones for GP Vancouver—one of which is a Green Devotion deck built to attack with a hasty 30/30 Emrakul!

The Dredge Primer

Golgari Grave-Troll once earned a spot on Modern’s Ban List. For GP Vancouver, Alexander West designed a deck to abuse its power once again!

Updating UR Splinter Twin

For Vancouver, Paul needed a version of Twin that was favored against the other combo decks and could compete with Abzan. Take a look!

Deck Guide – Modern Affinity

Affinity is flying under the radar after failing to place a copy in the Top 8 of #PTFRF, so it could be the perfect choice for GP Vancouver!

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