Modern Deck Guide

Modern Jund Deck Guide

Modern is now a world of small creature decks, which makes Jund a great choice for Grand Prix Vegas.

Amulet Titan Deck Guide

One ban wasn’t enough! Bobby took Amulet to 12-3 at GP Vancouver—he brings you a full guide to the deck and every matchup under the sun.

Lantern Control Deck Guide

Master Modern’s premier prison deck with the help of Andrea Mengucci, whose team played Lantern to a Top 4 finish at the World Magic Cup!

How to Play Dredge

GP Top 8 finisher and Dredge master BBD has a helpful guide to help you master the format’s newest tier 1 monster!

Grixis Control Deck Guide

Corey Burkhart has been perfecting Grixis Control for some time—now you can take advantage of the expertise that took him to 2nd at #GPDFW!

Modern Dredge Deck Guide

4-time Pro Tour Top 8 finisher Marijn Lybaert is back to discuss the Dredge deck he played for the WMCQ, from card choices to sideboarding!

Ad Nauseam Deck Guide

Ad Nauseam took down Charlotte in the hands of Andreas Ganz. Bob Huang breaks down his list and sideboard plan.

Living End

Don’t want to play Eldrazi at #GPDetroit? There are a few options to take them down, and Living End is one of the most effective.

Eldrazi Deck Guide

EFro breaks down the hottest deck in Modern from card choices to splash options to sideboarding!

Affinity Deck Guide

Affinity is a strategy as old as the format itself, and EFro gives you the tools to succeed with it—or take it down.

Modern Abzan Deck Guide

GBx master Willy Edel breaks down Abzan from top to bottom—his current list, the best card choices, and sideboarding advice!

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