Modern BFZ

Modern Krark-Clan Ironworks

An old favorite makes for a new brew as Caleb fuses Open the Vaults, KCI, and Tron lands to create a resilient ramp/combo deck for Modern!

Modern Honored Delver

Moving from Standard to Modern, Travis experiments with teaming up Honored Hierarch with the real Delver of Secrets!

Magic TV – 4 GPs, 4 Formats

BFZ in Lyon, Modern in Porto Alegre, Standard in Indy, and Legacy in Seattle—Andy and Paul are joined by LSV to break it all down!

Top 5!

PV ranks his top 5 changes to the Modern ban list, writers, players, worst decks he’s ever played, musicals, and more!

Modern Knightfall Combo

Travis Woo breaks down his first build of an exciting new Modern combo deck made possible by Battle for Zendikar!

Bring Scapeshift to Light

The appeal of adding Bring to Light to Modern Scapeshift is clear, but could it make playing more than 60 cards a competitive option?

Bring to Light

PV takes a shot at brewing with Battle for Zendikar and Bring to Light—one of the most flexible tutors we’ve ever seen!

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