Modern BFZ

Affinity Deck Guide

Affinity is a strategy as old as the format itself, and EFro gives you the tools to succeed with it—or take it down.

Modern Death and Taxes

Behind the powerful spells, Modern is a format that actually revolves around its unique lands. A new aggro deck attacks that vulnerability.

UR Twin vs Modern: Infect

Pascal Maynard breaks down a tough combo matchup for Twin with optimal card choices, tips and tricks, and sideboarding advice!

UR Twin vs. Modern: Tron

Tron may be one of the best matchups for UR Twin, but it’s also dangerous. Maximize every edge with the help of Pascal Maynard!

Modern Tron Tune-Up

Tron is one of the most overwhelmingly powerful decks in Modern—Brian DeMars has a few adjustments to get the most out of the archetype!

Burning Zoo

Take a look at the latest incarnation of a classic archetype in Modern with Brian DeMars!

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