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MagicFM #52 – A Year of MagicFM!

Gaby and Mashi celebrate their 52nd episode by doing a giveaway, talking about when we might return to paper Magic, and discussing the WotC rules that led to a high-profile retirement this week.

Monday Meta

Monday Meta #23 – Omnath and the Clash

The first week of the new Standard brought the CFB Clash and Mashi and Martin dive into the Omnath dominated Top 8. Can newcomers Dimir Rogues and Mono Red really stand up to the Elemental Menace? Tune in and find out.

Monday Meta #21 – Omnath Ban?

Zendikar Rising is hot off the presses and straight into the new standard! With many heavy hitters gone from standard, Mashi and Martin talk about the new card on the block (Omnath) and the impact Modal Dual Face Cards (MDFC) are having on older formats.

Monday Meta 17 -The New Historic Metagame

Another big shake up to the historic meta with Field of the Dead biting the dust! Mashi and Martin talk through what’s king of the hill in historic now, as well as the usual standard talk, and a quick discussion of the recently announced Supreme Draft on MTGO.

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