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MagicFM #61 – Rocking Out To Kaldheim

There have been a ton of Kaldheim previews this week, so Gaby and Mashi dive in, covering the new cards, mechanics, and more (as well as a check-in on MTGA Mobile).

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MagicFM #56 – To Infinity and Beyond

This week, Gaby and Mashi cover the unique situation that two MOCS competitors found themselves in last week, while also examining just how expensive Arena has gotten.

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MagicFM #55 – Magical Mailbag

Gaby and Mashi go to the mailbag this week, answering questions that range from what their unluckiest break was to their favorite Magic art, and much more.

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MagicFM #53 – Is Jeweled Lotus OK?

Jeweled Lotus blew up the internet yesterday – Gaby and Mashi cover all things Lotus, as well as Arena’s mobile delay and Hasbro’s earnings call.

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