Mashi Scanlan

The Monday Meta – The New Standard & M21 Previews

This week Mashi and Martin take a look at the first weekend of post-Fires and Companion Standard by looking at the Red Bull Untapped Top 8s, they discuss Termur Rec’s dominance and the Gruul Aggro and Umori Mutate Decks that also Top 8’d the Untapped events.

The Monday Meta – Back to the New Standard

With the new banned and restricted list for Standard and Historic hot off the press, Mashi and Martin talk over what they expect in the new standard meta and host of other questions the bannings and changes present.

Secret Lair Reveal

Martin Juza and Mashi Scanlan have a special surprise for everyone today from their Monday Meta. They’re revealing a Secret..Lair.

The Monday Meta – Top 8 of Redbull Untapped

This week Mashi and Martin discuss the Top 8 of last weekend’s Redbull Untapped including newcomers Yorion Azorius Control, Jund Food, and Gruul Umori. Mashi also get’s Martin’s take on White Weenie, Mono-Green Stompy and Mardu Knights.

Balance Versus Innovation

What’s more important when designing future sets? Innovation is important to keep the game fresh, but without balance power creep and narrow strategies can take over. We each ponder which is more important, how this trade-off has affected past sets, and what might be coming in the future. We also ponder krakens.

From Superstar to Pro: Innovating with Mashi Scanlan

From the days of Superstars to the creation of CFBPro, from Magic TV to Magic FM, our special guest Mashi Scanlan has been innovating Magic content. In our first Channelfireball podcast crossover, Mashi weaves the tales of his life’s story and CFB’s together. Then we ponder mutating our pets.

Monday Meta with Mashi and Martin – Episode 1

Mashi and Martin break down the results of last week’s MagicFest online and discuss this week’s ChannelFireball Standard Power rankings, the best decks in the current Standard Metagame, the newest good (and bad) tech and the deck(s) to play this weekend!

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