Drafting Like a Computer: Part 2

MTG Arena Draft would be better if we could develop bots that better mimic humans. Today Eric wraps up his series on how to make that a reality.

Tournament Magic is Broken

Tournament Magic is broken. Today Brian lays out the issues with the system and the actions—or lack thereof—taken to clarify things.

Winners in a Post-Gush World

The first week after the banning of three blue staples proved what many suspected: the Pauper metagame is now in a much healthier place.

This Week in Magic

Catch up on the latest week in Magic news, including a look at everything Throne of Eldraine to prepare for the prerelease this weekend!

How to Win at Magic

Get the keys to elevating your Magic game with a few tips from two-time Pro Tour Top 8 finisher Jacob Wilson!

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