Level One Modern

Level One Modern: Dredge

A fixture of the format since Golgari Grave-Troll was unbanned, and powerful enough that a re-ban couldn’t kill it!

Level One Modern: Burn

Riley gets you ready for Modern at the Pro Tour with a quick guide to some of the decks to watch in Modern!

Level 1 Modern: 5-Color Humans

Ixalan pushed Humans into the spotlight with Kitesail Freebooter and Unclaimed Territory, and now it’s one of Modern’s hottest new decks.

Level 1 Modern: Scapeshift

Scapeshift doesn’t attract the same attention as Shadow, or Affinity, or even Tron. But it has consistently performed at the same level.

Level 1 Modern: U/W/x Control

Blue has taken a backseat in Modern ever since the departure of Splinter Twin, but Ixalan put the color, and control, back on the map.

Level 1 Modern: Storm

Banned into oblivion for a time, Storm is back in the top tier of Modern, and it’s a deck you absolutely must be prepared for.

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