Legacy mtg

Deck Guide: Legacy GW Reclaimer

Some previously unviable Legacy decks are reemerging with the latest bans, with GW Reclaimer combining Maverick and Depths with great success!

Deck Guide: Legacy Esper Mentor

The Legacy metagame has changed drastically over the past few weeks with Oko and Astrolabe banned, with Esper Mentor taking some top spots.

Delver in the New Post-Ban Legacy

Delver lost some of its most powerful tools with the bans, so how should the archetype progress in Legacy now? Rich Cali takes a look.

Deck Guide: Legacy Turbo Valki

Tibalt continues his torment of Legacy, this time in a deck looking to Turbo him out as fast as possible backed up with cheap interaction!

Kaldheim Legacy Set Review

Kaldheim’s poised to make some changes across Magic formats, but what about Legacy? Rich Cali reviews some of the sets bigger names.

Deck Guide: Legacy UR Delver

Andrea Mengucci breaks down one of Legacy’s evergreen players, UR Delver, looking to close out the game fast with Delvers and Sprite Dragons.

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