G/B Aggro Deck Guide

EFro cooked up a killer aggressive G/B deck for #PTKLD with Verdurous Gearhulk and Blossoming Defense, and took it to an 8-2 Swiss record.

Racing in Kaladesh

The plane of Kaladesh and the Limited format demand that you know your way around a race. Neal gives you a crash course.

Kaladesh in Modern

Kaladesh looks like it will make a big impact on Modern. PV has builds ready for Inventors’ Fair, fastlands, Cathartic Reunion, and more!

Temurge Overkill

Expect Temurge to be a format defining deck in the new Standard—and Brian will have you prepared with an initial, innovative list!

R/G Energy Midrange

Chandra and Verdurous Gearhulk are seen as the two best cards from Kaladesh. Andrea sets to work finding a home that includes both!

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