Jason Fleurant

The Price of Greatness

Achieving your MTG dreams can come at a cost. Jason walks you through his own journey and how to allign your own focus.

The Power of Small Incremental Changes

How do you become better at anything? Jason Fleurant explains how constantly being a little better each day is the best way to achieve this goal, even if only by a small percentage.

How to Attack an Open Metagame

Aggro is tried and true – or is it? Jason examines the new mindset you should take on in this new Standard format, but also in formats to come!

Why Do the Pros Win More Than You?

The ultimate question: Why do the pros win more than you? Is it luck? Is it strategy? Is it commitment? Jason Fleurant has a few things to say about how to be on that pro level.

Play the Best Deck or Beat It

What’s the key to a playing a successful Magic Tournament? Either playing the best deck, or knowing how to beat the best deck. Jason Fleurant is here to help you do that.

How to Read a Metagame in MTG

Jason is prepping for a weekend of Magic, and a big part of that is reading a metagame. He shares his insights into how to find the best deck for an event.

The Most Important Steps to Winning

Winning a Magic tournament isn’t only about having the best deck. There are a lot of factors into becoming one of greats. Jason Fleurant breaks down the underlying steps to winning a Magic Tournament.

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