7 Ixalan Draft Build-Arounds

It’s tough to know what Ixalan Limited will look like this early, but we can start with a look at the possible build-around rares!

Magic Math: Ixalan

Frank runs the numbers on Rowdy Crew, Lookout’s Dispersal, Commune with Dinosaurs—and whether 20 damage is appropriate for a friggin’ star.

Ixalan Previews March On!

Ben Seck returns to Magic TV with Mashi Scanlan to talk Hascon, Ixalan previews, and this week’s Top 8!

Frank’s Picks: Ixalan

The Ixalan treasure is pouring in, and Frank takes a first look at some of the most interesting new cards!

The Ixalan Rotation

Which existing archetypes survive the rotation, and are there any early additions from Ixalan on the table?

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