GP Pittsburgh

This Week in Magic

This week: GP Pittsburgh, behind the scenes of Teams ChannelFireball Ice and Fire, and what’s the trouble with Standard?

The GP Pitts

Deathmist Raptors, the cyclops strategy, and why you shouldn’t always trust the GPS.

Modern Abzan Deck Guide

GBx master Willy Edel breaks down Abzan from top to bottom—his current list, the best card choices, and sideboarding advice!

GP Kobe and GP Pittsburgh Wrap

Andy fills in for Mashi in a special Thanksgiving episode of Magic TV with guest, former Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton.

50 Shades of Griselbrand

When in doubt, add blue. Pascal Maynard took his innovative Grixis version of Goryo’s Vengeance Reanimator to Pittsburgh!

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